Inside the Accord: Economic Development

Inside the Accord: Economic Development

Inside the Accord: Economic Development


The Central Wasatch generates $1 billion in visitor dollars each year. Economic actions aim to provide the model for a world-class transit system to connect the Wasatch Front’s powerful and diverse economy to the specialized economies of Park City, Summit, and Wasatch counties.

Sustainable Growth

Generating sustainable economic growth to reinvest in the Central Wasatch mountains will require finding tax revenue that can be captured for reinvestment in the Central Wasatch (e.g., preservation, restoration, improvements, etc.).

Environmental Priorities

We’ve often heard the phrase, “don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg.” Mountain Accord’s economic development initiatives will prioritize and fund opportunities to protect and enhance the environment.

Competitive Tourism

To ensure Utah’s tourism market is competitive now and into the future, we need to connect fragmented economic markets, develop an urban-mountain brand that is unique in the world. We will improve the visitor experience for residents and visitors year round with high quality transit choices to mountain activity centers.

Limiting Development

We want to limit development in the mountains and plan any development around thoughtfully designed transit hubs.



$1 Billion
in tourism benefits the Utah economy each year
annual savings for each Utah taxpayer

43% increase

 in development is projected for 2040


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