The Time Has Come For Accord

Mountain Accord is making critical decisions and implementing solutions to preserve the Central Wasatch Range and ensure its long-term vitality. The Central Wasatch mountains are one of Utah’s most pristine and valuable natural resources. In the face of a rapidly growing population, this area is at risk unless action is taken now.

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Mountain Accord is accepting applications for volunteers and will soon be accepting proposals for work on Phase Two. We want to know what you’re interested in and how you would like to help. 


What People Are Saying

The Mountain Accord is a model process for future decision making. We are making generational decisions here and coming forward with the Mountain Accord we have a road map that represents our plans, hopes and vision for protecting the Wasatch, our water and the land that gives so much life in our region.

Ben McAdams
Salt Lake County Mayor

The Central Wasatch Mountains tower above the valley and are a constant reminder of our stewardship over these resources. Our quality of life and prosperity are dependent on this mountain range. We have, through Mountain Accord, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to come to a common understanding about what the future should bear.

Ralph Becker
Salt Lake City Mayor

The Central Wasatch is important for all of Utah. Mountain Accord is a comprehensive and significant document that gives us a blueprint to accommodate the challenges we face as a fast-growing state.

Gary Herbert
Governor of Utah

The Central Wasatch is critical part of our state’s spectacular natural environment and an economic engine for our entire state. This asset provides recreational opportunities and natural beauty that attracts visitors, great companies and employees. Making sure we protect and enhance this asset is critical to our future. Mountain Accord has provided a needed forum […]

Lane Beattie
President and CEO, Salt Lake Chamber

As the longtime steward of the Central Wasatch watersheds, Salt Lake City has a legal and public responsibility to protect these resources so we can ensure safe drinking water supplies for the Salt Lake Valley. I believe that Mountain Accord provides us with opportunities to resolve longstanding conflicts surrounding these lands and achieve permanent watershed […]

Ralph Becker
Salt Lake City Mayor

Progress To Accord

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Mountain Accord is Approved & Signed

Historic Mountain Accord receives unanimous approval to move forward as a model

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Why We Need Mountain Accord

In the face of a rapidly growing population, the Central Wasatch is at risk of being “loved to death.”  

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Land Exchanges: Making a Map that Makes Sense.

Many lands currently used for watershed and public recreation are in private hands.

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