A locally led effort to create a legacy for future generations of residents, protect drinking water, preserve recreational opportunities and traditions, enhance access and accommodate future growth.

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Mountain Accord Final Report

Mountain Accord was an unprecedented collaboration of public and private interests established to preserve the legacy of the Central Wasatch mountains and to agree on an integrated, comprehensive, landscape-scale framework for current and future decision-making.

Read full report here.

Four critical goals were established:

     1. Protect the environment and natural resources,
     2. Ensure high quality recreational experiences,
     3. Enhance regional transportation, and
     4. Strengthen the regional economy.

The Accord represents the commitment of these organizations to support collective desired outcomes and to proceed with a suite of actions. The intent of these actions is to ensure that future generations can enjoy all the activities we enjoy today, while preserving our watershed and natural environment.

This Final Report summarizes the process to arrive at the Accord and acknowledges the

hundreds of dedicated individuals who worked to make the Accord a reality. Read full report here.


The Accord directs us to work toward short and long-term transportation solutions to ensure sustainable and year-round access to the Central Wasatch Range for everyone. The future promises more traffic congestion on canyon roads. Continued reliance on private automobiles is unsustainable. Mountain Accord is implementing transportation and transit solutions that serve all users in all seasons and reduce traffic.

The Central Wasatch Commission

As directed by the Mountain Accord Executive Board, The Central Wasatch Commission (CWC) is being formed this fall. The CWC’s mission will be to implement the actions outlined in The Accord and will continue Mountain Accord’s tradition of public engagement, transparency and consensus building. Look for upcoming public meetings, agendas here.

Read the Mountain Accord

On Aug. 3, 2014, a historic agreement, 30 years in the making was signed. Mountain Accord Final Report June 2016. In signing the Accord, we created a new context for longstanding,

contentious issues that have muddled decision-making for decades. The Accord is the culmination of two years of public feedback and an unprecedented locally-led process among government agencies, environmental advocacy groups and ski resorts and private landholders. It’s visions, directives and principles will guide future decision-making in the Central Wasatch and help build a legacy of good stewardship for the future. Read the Mountain Accord here.

Environmental Dashboard

As Mountain Accord came together, stakeholders developed the concept of an Environmental Dashboard. The Dashboard is a tool for decision makers to track the Central Wasatch’s environmental health and evaluate impacts in future planning discussions. We are creating a tool that to ensure that the health of the Central Wasatch’s natural landscape is fully considered now and far into the future. Read more here.