We have recently completed the draft Existing Conditions Reports and Future Trendlines Summary for Recreation, Transportation and Economy. Please review here and provide

your feedback below before May 7.

The Environment draft will be available for comment beginning April 24. 

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Before the Executive Board makes decisions on each milestone, the draft recommendations from the System Groups will be available on this website for public review and comment.

Draft Vision, Metrics and Goals Report is available to view below.

Draft Vision, Goals and Metrics 

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Comments may also be mailed in to:

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Additional Opportunities for Comments

Additional opportunities for public input and feedback are as follows:

Early Scoping

Existing Conditions Reports and Future Trendlines Summary

Vision and Metrics Report

  • 7/28–8/8 Public Review on Website
  • 8/18 Executive Board Decision
  • Final Report

Idealized Systems Report

  • 10/1–10/14 Public Review on Website
  • 10/14 Stakeholder Meeting
  • 11/10 Executive Board Decision

Combined Scenarios Report

  • 12/15–1/9 Public Review on Website
  • 12/2 Stakeholder Meeting
  • 12/8 Executive Board Review

Preferred Scenario Report

  • 1/6–7 Public Open Houses
  • 1/26 Executive Board Adopt Preferred Scenario

For more information or to learn how to get involved, contact the Public Involvement Team:

(844) 5-ACCORD

Public comment will be accepted throughout the duration of Mountain Accord. Comments submitted by March 28, 2014, will be included in the early scoping summary report that will be posted online when completed. 


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