We have recently completed the draft Existing Conditions Reports and Future Trendlines Summary for Recreation, Transportation and Economy. Please review here and provide

your feedback below before May 7.

The Environment draft will be available for comment beginning April 24. 

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Mountain Accord is a multi-phase initiative that seeks to make critical decisions regarding the future of the central Wasatch Mountains. It will holistically evaluate and address issues and goals centered on four topic areas: environment, recreation, transportation, and economy. Mountain Accord is a collaboration between public and private interests, including state and local governments, federal agencies, and business and grassroots organizations. Public involvement is an important component of this effort, and input received from the public will be used to inform and guide the process.


Few places in the world have a natural asset as valuable as the Central Wasatch Mountains are to the communities surrounding them. The mountains provide us with water, easy access to superb recreational opportunities, landscape-scale habitat protection, and they serve as the place-maker for our region. However, these mountains face challenges from increasing population, increased use, development pressure, traffic congestion,



 Project Area  

The Project Area for Mountain Accord includes portions of Salt Lake, Summit, and Wasatch counties. The area is bounded on the west by the existing transportation backbone in the Salt Lake Valley (Salt Lake International Airport, TRAX/FrontRunner, and I-15), on the east by highway 40, on the north by Parley's Canyon, and on the south by Little Cottonwood Canyon. Mountain Accord is also looking at a broader Study Area to understand how the larger scale conditions, activities and trends influence the systems in the Project Area. See more detail on the Project Area and Study Area



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