Vision, Goals and Metrics

Vision, Goals and Metrics

Vision, Goals and Metrics

Each System group developed a Vision statement that briefly articulates, in a broad sense, a shared description of the desired future state of that System in the Central Wasatch. It is meant to be inspirational and reflective of the communities’ values and highest desires for that System. The Vision provides a foundation for determining more specific goals. It is stated in the present tense, as though describing how that System will be performing in its idealized state in the future.

The Goals describe the specific desired outcomes for the System by the year 2040. They give more specificity to the Vision. They address the question: What are the key outcomes we need by 2040 in order to achieve our long term vision for this System? The goals are intended to represent outcomes that can be accomplished through the proposed actions that will be recommended through Mountain Accord.

The Metrics are essentially the criteria for evaluating potential Idealized Systems and Combined Scenarios. They will be used to measure how well proposed actions (project and policy proposals) address the Goals, using data or information that is available in Phase One.

Our Vision, Goals and Metrics Report is available to view below:

Mountain Accord Vision, Goals and Metrics

This information was made available for public review and comment from July 28 – August 8, 2014. The final information was approved by the Executive Board on August 18. Public comments can be found below:

Vision, Goals and Metrics Public Comments