Survey: Transportation

Survey: Transportation

Survey: Transportation


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Last February, as the snow was still drawing skiers and snowboards up into the canyons, while causing bad traffic headaches on our high mountain roads, Mountain Accord launched a survey to gauge opinion on short-term transportation solutions. More than 1000 people responded and told us that there is a strong demand for a better plan for the future to reduce the impact single-driver vehicles are having on our canyons. Here are the results:

How do you feel about the impact of growth on the Central Wasatch?

Highly Concerned 70%
Concerned 32%
Unconcerned 1%
Highly Unconcerned 1%

1117  survey responses

With anticipated growth and increased use of the mountains in mind, what are you most concerned about?

Environmental impact (scenic beauty, water quality, wildlife habitat) 72%
Recreational opportunity (hiking, biking, skiing, fishing, etc.) 56%
Access to the mountains and canyons (traffic congestion, limited transportation options) 68%

1127 survey responses

Some actions could be taken in the near term (2016/2017) in the Cottonwood Canyons to reduce ourenvironmental impact while preserving and enhancing recreational experiences. Which actions do you supportexploring? (check all that apply)

More winter shuttle/bus service 78%
New summer shuttle/bus service 56%
Park and ride lots closer to home 44%
Entrance fee/paid parking to fund public transportation and canyon stewardship 48%
Roadside parking and management strategies to improve safety 36%
Road cycling improvements 37%

1097 survey responses

What would you, personally, be willing to do to reduce impact on the canyons? (check all that apply)

Take advantage of more frequent bus service 61%
Use express bus service 54%
Pay to support public transportation and canyon stewardship 56%
Car pool 58%
Park and ride from the Salt Lake Valley 47%

1126 survey responses


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