Mountain Accord: Consensus. Solutions. Progress.

“Building consensus, as accomplished in Mountain Accord, is a rare accomplishment in the divisive challenges involving public lands and with the intense competition for resources in a place like the central Wasatch Mountains. It is a compliment to the consultants and individuals engaged in the process that they stayed at the table through disagreements and personal challenges to bring Mountain Accord to this point. It will take a continuing commitment to realize the dream of a central Wasatch Mountains that our children will enjoy inheriting.”

Ralph Becker, Former Mayor Salt Lake City, Utah

February 2014:

Mountain Accord was established as a collaborative initiative, giving everyone at the table an equal voice. Mountain Accord was not a formal organization.

  • Mountain Accord established by program charter and publicly launched


Over 200 stakeholders invited to establish:

From the beginning, stakeholders were invited to identify key issues and concerns, share ideas, and agree on common goals.

  • Existing conditions and future trendlines
  • Vision, goals, and metrics
  • Idealized systems (maps, policy statements, and actions)



Published in February 2015

Combined idealized systems into a cohesive framework referred to as the Blueprint.

  • Extended public dialogue from February to May 2015





 MA Final Report-July16-06

MntAccord_JDA_0397 square


 August 3, 2015

Executive Board members and other
stakeholders memorialized consensus



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