Inside the Accord: Transportation

Inside the Accord: Transportation

Inside the Accord: Transportation


The future promises more traffic congestion on canyon roads. Continued reliance on private automobiles is unsustainable. Mountain Accord is implementing transportation and transit solutions that serve all users in all seasons and reduce traffic.

Less Cars, More Options

Building a sustainable transit network that connects to existing transit on both the Wasatch Front and Back is a key element of Mountain Accord. We also want to reduce the ease of private car use, through carpool incentives, parking and access fees and other solutions.

Improved Bus Service NoBusw

In the next year Mountain Accord is working to improve the quality, reliability and speed of existing bus systems in Parleys, and Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons.

Imaginary Trains

High-capacity trains like those employed in European Mountain towns have been considered and will be discussed by Mountain Accord stake holders but have been deemed too costly and divisive for any near future implementation. MA is focused on improving bus systems in the near term.

Stop the Sprawl

While our current development patterns are automobile-oriented, transit oriented planning will cluster development around transit hubs and limit sprawl in the foothill and mountain areas.

Bikes too

We want to include transit solutions that allow for cyclists (who already use the canyons) to ride safely.


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