Inside the Accord: Recreation

Inside the Accord: Recreation

Inside the Accord: Recreation


We love to play in these mountains so much that we are in danger of irreparably harming them. The Central Wasatch is a year round, all-season recreational resource. Mountain Accord includes a comprehensive program to protect and enhance recreation access.

How Much Can They Take?

Over time, population growth, increases in recreation demand will put continually greater pressure on developed and undeveloped recreation areas. Its up to us to come up with solutions that will enhance recreational experiences while planning future growth to protect the Central Wasatch as a whole.

More than Skiing

Although ski resorts are big part of Mountain Accord, we are studying year-round solutions for all canyon users. The Central Wasatch is not for certain demographics or groups, it is a resource for us all. We need to manage this sensitive area to allow access and recreation in a way that protects the environment.

Public Ownership

Mountain Accord proposes a bargain with private landowners, like ski areas, to tidy up the patchwork of public and private lands surrounding the resorts and privately held areas and transfer key areas for protecting watershed and backcountry access into public hands.

Trail Improvements

Trail Improvements will help organize and improve the vast network of trails within the Central Wasatch. Organizing trails helps prevent erosion and confine recreation to managed areas.

Double the Visitors

In 2014 Central Wasatch received nearly twice as many annual visits as Zion National Park.

60% of Users

 live within 25 miles of the Central Wasatch.


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