Fact Sheet: The Central Wasatch Commission

Fact Sheet: The Central Wasatch Commission

Fact Sheet: The Central Wasatch Commission


The Central Wasatch Commission (CWC) is being formed as an interlocal agency and a political subdivision of the State of Utah. The CWC will formalize collaboration and streamline decision-making among the multiple jurisdictions with authorities in the Central Wasatch Mountains. The area of focus is between I-80 and the Salt Lake County line south of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

The purpose of the CWC is to implement the Accord, signed in August 2015. Specific objectives include:

  • engage the public, collaborate with stakeholders;
  • transportation solutions focused on transit, walking, biking;
  • visitor amenities, trails, and canyon stewardship; and
  • watershed protection.

A Stakeholders Council will also be formed as an advisory body to the CWC. Stakeholder Council Members will be appointed by the CWC.

Central Wasatch Commissioners

  • Salt Lake County
  • Salt Lake City
  • Sandy City
  • Cottonwood Heights
  • UDOT
  • Wasatch Back (Park City)

Stakeholders Council Members

28–35 representatives including:

  • USFS
  • Local governments
  • Environmental interests
  • Ski resorts
  • Recreation interests
  • Residents, landowners

The Stakeholders Council is where regular, public dialogue will occur on CWC objectives and projects. The Stakeholders Council will make recommendations to the CWC for implementation.


  • Powers granted by the Interlocal Cooperation Act
  • Enter contracts, hire staff
  • Collectively seek, hold, distribute funds

No Authorities

  • No authorities given up by partner entities
  • No regulatory authority
  • No authority over local land use/zoning
  • No authority to levy tax
  • No condemnation authority

Download a PDF of the Fact Sheet here.


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