By the Numbers: USU Visitors Survey

By the Numbers: USU Visitors Survey

By the Numbers: USU Visitors Survey



Why We Live Here…

We all know, at least anecdotally, that one of the reasons for Utah’s rapid growth has been our proximity to the Central Wasatch Range. It’s why we live here, why many of us moved here and why we stay here. (And, considering how much of our water comes from the mountains, it’s why we literally can live here.)

Recently, Utah State University’s Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism surveyed nearly 2,500 CWR users out enjoying the mountains and found this commonly accepted idea, is true.

The surveyors targeted actual CWR users. More than half (55 percent) of the folks who stopped along the trail to take the survey said they were visiting the Central Wasatch as much as 2 to 3 times a week. And nearly half (41 percent) said that all of (90 to 100 percent) their exercise comes from playing in the mountains. Here’s to not paying for a gym membership, eh?

Percent of survey respondants who visit the Central Wasatch 2 to 3 times a week

Here’s some more. Surveyors asked these regular users if they agreed that being able to access the CWR was important to their quality of life:

USU-survey-livability-figure2They also asked if this access was an important reason for choosing to live along the Wasatch Front or Back:


Finally USU asked folks if they would think about moving if those experiences were compromised:


Preserving these recreational experience is a central pillar of Mountain Accord, a historic agreement to examine solutions, long-term solutions, that can balance population and economic growth with preserving the environment that provides us with some of or most valuable recreational experiences.

Learn more about the details of Mountain Accord here. And we’ll be rolling out more stats and revealing numbers and commentary from this project in the coming weeks. But you can skip ahead and read the full survey here.


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