Mountain Accord Background Previous Plans and Studies

Previous Plans and Studies

Previous Plans and Studies

Many agencies and governments have already studied the issues facing the region. Many of these previous plans and studies called for a comprehensive, formal analysis of long-term solutions, which Mountain Accord provides. These existing studies have created a framework for managing the land and resources, and their recommendations and conclusions are incorporated into the Mountain Accord program.

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Previous studies and plans relevant to this program:

Salt Lake County—Blue Ribbon Commission Final Report (2013):
A commission established to examine Salt Lake County’s Foothill and Canyons Overlay Zone (FCOZ) and recommend updates. The FCOZ ordinance is designed to preserve the natural character of the Wasatch Canyons by establishing standards for foothill and canyon development.

Park City General Plan DRAFT (2013):
A plan developed by Park City for land use, transportation, open space, resource conservation, recreation, historic preservation, and economic development.

Mountain Transportation Study (2012):
A study conducted to assess feasibility of alternative transportation modes in the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons in Salt Lake County. The study recommended that a formal evaluation of a long-term significant transportation investment considered within the context of land use, conservation, development, and watershed protection be initiated; leading to Mountain Accord.

Wasatch Canyons Tomorrow (2010):
An opportunity for the public to guide the policies incorporated in a revision of the 1989 Salt Lake County Wasatch Canyons Master Plan for City Creek, Emigration, Red Butte, Parleys, Millcreek, Big Cottonwood, and Little Cottonwood Canyons. The Master Plan is the basis for the County’s land use planning policies and ordinances.

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Plan (Revised 2003):
A plan developed by the U.S. Forest Service to provide high-level direction for management of the land and its resources.

Salt Lake City Watershed Management Plan (1999):
The guiding document for watershed management to preserve water quality for Salt Lake Valley.

Salt Lake County Wasatch Canyons Master Plan (1989):
The guiding document for land use decisions in the seven major Wasatch canyons in Salt Lake County.

Park City 2030 (2012):
A document drafted to provide a strategic framework for defining Park City’s community vision for 2030.

Additional Studies and Plans

Cottonwood Canyons Parking Study Recommendations (2012)

Corridor Management Plan for the 2008 Cottonwood Canyons Scenic Byways Plan (2008)

Emigration Canyon Township General Plan (2012)

Emigration Canyon Trails Master Plan (2007)

Foothill Drive Corridor Study (2008)

Little Cottonwood Canyon SR-210 Transportation Study (2006)

Mill Creek Canyon Transportation Feasibility Study (2012)

Parley’s Canyon Trail Feasibility Assessment Report (2012) / File Unavailable

Salt Lake Countywide Water Quality Stewardship Plan (2009)

Snyderville Basin General Plan (2004)

Snyderville Basin Transportation Master Plan (2009-2030)

Town of Alta General Plan (2005)

Wasatch Choices 2040: A Four-County Land Use and Transportation Vision (2010)

Wasatch Front Regional Council 2011-2040 Regional Transportation Plan (2011)

PCMC Trails Master Plan (2008)

Snyderville Basin Trails Master Plan (2006)

Park City Walkability Study (2007)

Park City Transportation Master Plan (2011)

SR-248 Corridor Plan (2009)

SR-224 Corridor Plan (2012)

UDOT Winter Roadway Closure Study (2014)